Staying On Track With The Minimal Wardrobe

July 29, 2014

Staying On Track With The Minimal Wardrobe

Breaking the habit of buying new clothes and sticking to the minimal wardrobe rules can be tough; affordable clothing is easily accessible and doesn't require the effort and consideration that a curated wardrobe demands. Finding the perfect pieces isn't always easy, making the temptation to 'buy cheap' all the more irresistible.

However, there are ways of staying on track and breaking the rules, providing it's done occasionally and within boundaries. There is room for opportunistic purchases and adding overlooked yet important key items to your wardrobe.

Avoid breaking the rules by:
- being a conscious shopper
- avoiding the sales
- unsubscribing from fashion mailing lists
- building a wishlist
- sticking to it
- thinking twice before buying
- rediscovering existing pieces
- thinking about what you're saving

If you do break the rules remember to:
- limit spending
- buy only high quality garments
- stick to staples from the basic wardrobe
- buy ethical, sustainable, and local clothes
- keep the minimal wardrobe ethos in mind

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