2023 Sustainable Resolutions: Eco-Friendly Goals for the New Year

2023 Sustainable Resolutions: Eco-Friendly Goals for the New Year

The start of a new year is the ideal time to adopt new habits and change bad ones. It's a straightforward of taking control of personal goals and making lifestyle changes that have a meaningful effect on the environment.

Last year's sustainable resolutions were about going back to basics; learning about environmental impact, making low waste switches, and adopting eco-friendly habits. This year is about digging a little deeper by committing to making habit shifts that help not only the local community and the environment. But also help save money and reduce waste too.

These are a few simple yet impactful new year resolutions to help you live more sustainably over the coming months.

Eco-Friendly Resolutions For 2023

Be Mindful Of Spending

With the cost of living increasing and energy prices rising, living on a budget will become more important for many of us this year. Being mindful of spending isn't just about spending less, it's about making better choices about what we buy and where our money goes.

A "no buy" or low spend month where non-essential spending is banned can help stop impulse spending on unnecessary purchases. To free up money and space, you can turn clutter into cash by selling your unwanted belongings on reselling sites and marketplaces. This is how to declutter your home (and keep it that way.)

2023 Sustainable Resolutions: Eco-Friendly Goals for the New Year

Support Small Businesses

Shopping locally, buying handmade, and supporting independent businesses has never been more important than right now. Small businesses have been hit hard by rent hikes, energy prices, postal strikes, and delayed deliveries. The future is uncertain for our favourite independent shops, and we have the power to change that by choosing to shop small and buy handmade.

There are many ways to support small businesses. But the best one by far is to buy your gifts from them. Not only is it a more sustainable way to shop, you'll gifting your loved ones meaningful eco-friendly gifts and helping your favourite independent shops stay in business.

Shop Second-hand

Thrifting is one of the easiest ways you can be more environmentally-friendly. While it's nice knowing you're helping to reduce waste, what's even better is knowing you'll be saving money too. By making it a habit to look at second-hand options before buying new, you'll be able to buy what you need for considerably less than the retail price. You'll also end up with original and unique pieces in your home and wardrobe.

The biggest hurdle that prevents people from thrifting more often is not knowing where to find what you're looking for. These thrifting tips will help you find exactly what you need and make thrifting a new habit you enjoy.

Travel Locally

After a few years of free movement, many of us are keen to travel again albeit in a way that is both affordable and eco-friendly. If you want to have an environmentally-friendly holiday on a budget, the easiest way to do this is by travelling locally. There are plenty of opportunities whether you live in a major city or out in the countryside.

Slow sustainable travel is naturally more budget-friendly, meaning travel is still possible even if money is limited. One of the most eco-friendly ways to travel is to take short trips in a local area on foot or by using public transport. Be a tourist in your own city by enjoying local walking trails and attractions.

Focus On The Bigger Picture

The capitalist society we live in makes it really difficult to make sustainable choices that are both accessible and affordable. There is always a compromise that often leaves us worse off in terms of money or convenience. While simple habit shifts like going plastic-free and switching to eco-friendly products are a good place to start, it's not going to change the world.

It's much more important to put your efforts into making bigger, more impactful changes to the ways you shop, what you eat, and how you travel. Avoiding the brands, foods, and transport that causes the biggest impact. Rather than fretting over every little purchase or decision you make. Focus on putting pressure on the companies who are responsible for our planet's destruction to make change.

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2023 Sustainable Resolutions: Eco-Friendly Goals for the New Year 2023 Sustainable Resolutions: Eco-Friendly Goals for the New Year