Setting Personal Challenges

How To Set Yourself A Personal Challenge
How To Set Yourself A Personal Challenge
How To Set Yourself A Personal Challenge

At the beginning of 2015 I set myself a series of goals to accomplish before the end of the year. After a six month review, I realised while many of my goals had either been achieved or were near enough complete, there was one particular goal I had been neglecting.

Originally my plan was to reintroduce yoga into my daily life but I quickly realised how unrealistic it was to jump straight into daily workouts; I needed to make room in my schedule first and then build a habit of exercising daily. I also needed to buy workout gear before even considering such a challenge. I had most definitely gone about this challenge in totally the wrong way and I certainly hadn't taken my own advice when it came to setting achievable goals.

So how do we set an achievable personal challenge?

Create a Plan

Creating a plan might mean making our own or using someone else's and adapting it to fit us. Our plan needs to start where we are right now and take us to where we want to finish with gradually increasing steps in between. These middle steps are crucial for making a challenge achievable.

Make it Easy

Speaking of making a challenge achievable, the most important part is: making our challenge easy to commit to. We should avoid placing mental barriers in our way and instead, set ourselves manageable steps that ramp the challenge up incrementally. Lots of rules can make ourselves feel burdened with a challenge, they make it easy for us to feel defeated and more likely to give up before we've even begun.

Keep a Record

Skipping one day makes it easier to skip the next so by keeping a record, it reminds us not to break the chain. Tracking our achievements helps us stay motivated and encourages us to keep going.