Preparing For A New Year of Blogging

Preparing For A New Year of Blogging

The end of a year provides us with a chance to reflect on our achievements, catch up on our tasks and tie up loose ends; it's an opportunity for us to refocus our intentions and plan ahead for a new year of mindful and intentional content. If you have been putting off doing a little blog maintenance, perhaps a redesign or updating old content, now is your best chance for a refresh. Here are several ways you can prepare for a whole new year of blogging.


Get an overview of your blog by looking at your Google Analytics, learn about your readers, how engaged they are and what content they are most engaged with. Delving into your blog statistics can enable you to discover what worked (and what didn't) and how your audience is finding, reading, and engaging with the content you create; this will enable you to make changes to improve your blog. If you don't use Google Analytics now is your chance to install and learn how to use it. It's not all about the stats, it's important to look back at the past twelve months and consider what topics you enjoyed writing about the most (and what you didn't) so you can refocus with intention.


Give your blog a spring clean by updating static pages, deleting or updating old content, refreshing the layout, removing add-ons, and updating ads. If you don't have one already, create a media kit or update your existing one so you're ready for a new year of collaborating. Your about page is the most important page on your blog, after twelve months it could probably do with a little tweaking; highlight your popular posts for new visitors, and answer any frequently asked questions. If you use Evernote for blogging or a blogging planner, make a note of your best ideas and empty out the rest - start the year with a fresh slate.


A new year is the time to reflect on your past achievements and look ahead to a fresh year with new ambitions. Invest time in refocusing your blogging intentions; narrow down your niche, remove content or topics that no longer reflect your passions, and develop a clear idea of your blogging intentions. Consider what your rules for blogging are and use them to move forward into a new year of blogging with clarity.


Now you've refocused your intentions you can turn your attention to the categories of content; collect your ideas together using a blog planner and create an editorial calendar to plan ahead. Take a strategic approach to blogging and you'll be more likely to achieve your ambitions. Whether you want to gain more readers, increase page views, use social media more effectively, collaborate with brands, or simply update your blog and get ahead with content - now is your chance to formulate your plan and start the new year prepared and passionate.


Don't forget to take a break during the holiday season to rest and recharge, it's just as important as working hard on producing content and improving your blog. Take a moment to remove yourself from the blogging bubble so you can return recharged and refreshed for the new year.