A Recipe For Chocolate Spread (No Blender Required!)

January 07, 2021

A Recipe For Low Waste Vegan Friendly Chocolate Spread

Making chocolate spread at home always seems to  require a high-powdered food processor, at least according to zero waste recipes.  I don't own one and almost broke my tiny blender trying to make vegan-friendly Nutella.  Never again.

Like all my low waste recipes, this one is super simple and uses ingredients you probably already have or can find easily in low waste packaging.  It only takes a couple of minutes to make this rich, creamy chocolate spread, and while it might not be exactly the same chocolate spread you're used it, it is delicious.

I use this homemade tahini chocolate spread for spreading on toast, drizzling on porridge or overnight oats, as 'icing' on cupcakes, or frosting to make cake pops.

A Recipe For Low Waste Vegan Friendly Chocolate Spread


100g tahini
2 tbsp  cocoa powder
2 tbsp powdered sugar (coconut or icing)
a pinch of salt


Pour the tahini into a bowl.

Add the cocoa powder,  sugar, and a pinch of salt.  It's better for these to be sieved to minimise lumps.

Mix thoroughly to combine all the ingredients.  I like to use a mini spatula to work out any small lumps of powder.  You're aiming for a smooth, silky, and spreadable consistency.

Taste and adjust to create your preferred sweetness and consistency.  I like quite rich, dark chocolate spread but if you find it too intense, add more  sugar.  If the spread is quite thick, add a drop of water or maple syrup.

Pour into a jar and store in a cool dark place for up to a couple of weeks.

Melted chocolate also works in this recipe as a substitute for cocoa powder, and if you like flavoured spreads you could add vanilla, nutmeg, rum, or coffee.  The salt is optional but it definitely makes the spread tastier.

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A Recipe For Low Waste Vegan Friendly Chocolate Spread A Recipe For Low Waste Vegan Friendly Chocolate Spread

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