Dog-Friendly Summer Activities

Dog-Friendly Summer Activities

Summer is in full swing. It's time to get outside and go on adventures. If you're looking for fun activities to do with your dog, these are the best ways to enjoy the weather and have new experiences together.

Dog-Friendly Summer Activities

Travel Together

Travel somewhere new or stay close to home and play tourist in your own city. It might surprise you just how many places are dog-friendly. From heritage sites to city guides, dogs are often free to join you. I've been all over the UK with my companion and rarely have we ever been turned away.

Dog-friendly travel isn't as difficult as you think. So long as you don't forget to pack the essentials, and double check where you're headed allows dogs; you're all set! Learn more about travelling with a dog in the UK.

If you're looking for slow travel ideas, take a look at my dog-friendly travel guides. I've covered the West Midlands, East Sussex, Kent, and Dorset. Including city guides to London, Birmingham, and Brighton. You'll find everything from woodland walks to city escapes in the slow travel archives.

Visit The Beach

Heading to the beach is the most obvious Summer activity. It's certainly one of mine and my companions favourite pastimes, and we jump at any opportunity we get. My dog absolutely loves everything about the beach, from digging in the sand to paddling in the sea.

Find the nearest dog-friendly beach to you, and take your companion for a dip in the sea or a run along the sand. I've shared a guide to dog-friendly beaches in Kent and dog-friendly beaches in Dorset to help find the ideal location for your Summer vacation.

Although many beaches restrict access to dogs during the peak Summer season. There are plenty of dog-friendly beaches to visit, and they're arguably better because they're less crowded.

Dog-Friendly Summer Activities

Share An Ice Cream

There's nothing better than a cold ice cream or frozen treat in Summer. Although you might not want to literally share one with your companion, there are dog-friendly options available from ice cream to ice lollies.

Dog-friendly ice cream is softer than standard ice cream and contains little to no sugar, additives, or artificial flavourings. It's often dairy- and lactose-free too, to avoid digestive issues.

You can also make your own by blending your dog's favourite fruit or vegetables. Pour the mix into ice lolly moulds (or ice cube trays) and freeze. The result will be a frozen treat for your companion to cool down with.

Go Wild Swimming

A refreshing swim on a hot day makes the heat so much more bearable. Since dogs aren't allowed in swimming pools, wild swimming is the best alternative. Wild swimming is just swimming in a natural body of water rather than a pool. It could be a river, lake, or the sea. Wherever you choose to swim, stay safe!

If swimming isn't yours or your dogs idea of fun, try sailing instead. Hire a boat or book a river cruise. Canoeing, kayaking, and paddle boarding are other great options. A few swimming pools offer dog swim days too. Check your local pool to see if that's an option.

Dog-Friendly Summer Activities

Head To A Beer Garden

One of the most dog-friendly places to take your companion is a beer garden. Pubs and bars often welcome our four-legged friends, giving them a drink and treats on arrival. It's an ideal spot for relaxing, people watching, and enjoying the weather.

On a super hot Summer day, this is one of the best low-impact activities. You can avoid walking too far by staying close to home, and sitting in a comfortable spot. With water available and plenty of shade. Alternatively head to a coffee shop or cafe with covered outdoor seating.

I'll certainly be visiting my favourite dog-friendly places in the Jewellery Quarter. As well as venturing further into the city, using my dog-friendly guide to Birmingham.

Dine Outdoors

One of the simplest pleasures of Summer is eating outdoors. Many restaurants with outdoor seating welcome dogs to dine with you. A shady spot or covered patio is the ideal spot to enjoy a meal together. A cafe leash is useful in these situations. Hook the end under your chair to keep your companion secure.

If there aren't any suitable eateries in your area, or your dog isn't comfortable in such a public setting; take a picnic to the park instead. The best thing about this option is your dog gets to eat the same meal as you. Just make sure to pack dog-friendly snacks.

Discover my favourite dog-friendly restaurants in the UK. More specifically in Birmingham, London, and Brighton.

Dog-Friendly Summer Activities

Have A Photoshoot

If you get a little sad when Summer is over, make sure to create something you can remember it by. Capture your time spent together with a dog photoshoot. Take your camera with you everywhere. Remember to video as well as photograph too.

If you want to be present in the moment without ruining the experience by being on your phone; set aside some time for a photoshoot. Take your dog to a Summery location, like the beach or a woodland trail. Put on their best outfit (perhaps even something new) and have fun photographing them.

When the weather starts to turn cold, you can look back fondly at all the fun you had together when the sun was still shining.

Dog-Friendly Summer Activities Dog-Friendly Summer Activities

Wherever you go, remember to pack your dog's essentials. For days out, have your dog's leash and harness with poo bag carrier and poop pal ready to go at the door. My dog has his own cute dog leash hook so can be ready in a split second. For longer walks or hikes, be prepared. Pack a dog kit with all the essentials. A water bowl, dog light, wet wipes and hand sanitizer, tick tool, and biodegradable poop bags.

Stay safe! Blue Cross provides an extensive guide to Summer safety for dogs. This dog temperature chart is also worth bookmarking. If in doubt, on hot days stay out of the sun altogether.

Photographs by Sophie Davies and Jack Spicer Adams.

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Dog-Friendly Summer Activities Dog-Friendly Summer Activities