Dog-Friendly Spring Activities

Dog-Friendly Spring Activities

After the long, cold days of winter, a new season of growth feels like a renewal. As the snow melts and rain eases, the days grow longer, brighter, and sunnier. Spring is such a refreshing time. The first signs of the new season are exciting to see—for you and your dog.

Ahead lies a fresh new year of dog-friendly adventures including spring breaks, summer fun, and autumn festivities. To make the most of everything the next few months bring, these are the best spring activities to enjoy with your dog.

Spring Clean Together

The change from winter to spring is a big one, providing a great opportunity to start afresh. Cleaning and decluttering your home at the beginning of spring will set you up for the new year ahead. As you work on spring cleaning your home, don't forget about your dog's belongings. Spring can be a fresh start for the both of you!

Get your companion involved with the decluttering by letting them choose which dog toys they keep or get rid of. Get them pick their favourites; anything that gets ignore or is damaged gets tossed. Deep clean everything, from their bowls to their bedding, and refresh their dog essentials and accessories.

Plan an Easter Egg Hunt

Each season has its own traditions. Summer has beaches and barbecues. Autumn has harvest festivals and Halloween. Winter has carols and celebrations. Spring has egg painting and parades. A cute, somewhat silly, spring tradition that can easily be made dog-friendly is an old fashioned Easter egg hunt.

Fill reusable eggs with dog treats and hide them for your dog to find either inside or outdoors. It's best to use cardboard or wooden eggs rather than plastic ones. Alternatively you could make an eco-friendly alternative using dog-safe recyclable materials to create a zero waste dog toy.

Dog-Friendly Spring Activities

Visit a Flower Field

One of the best things about spring is the explosion of new growth. Witnessing the flowers and trees bloom can help us to feel more connected to nature. It's just as exciting for us as it is for our dogs with plenty of new sights and smells to experience.

A wonderful way to experience spring together with your companion is to take them to a flower field. There are several dog-friendly flower fields around the UK including: Hitchin Lavender Field, Somerset Lavender Field, Carnie Fruit Farm, Mayfield Lavender Field, and Norfolk Lavender Field.

Go on a Woodland Walk

The simplest way to enjoy spring is to get outside more often. The easiest way to do that is to explore local green spaces on foot. It provides an opportunity for fresh air and exercise. As well as off-leash adventures in beautiful locations.

Spring is one of the best times to enjoy woodland walks with your dog. There will be an abundance of exciting new things to experience together. Not only will there be an abundance of flowers, birds, and insects to spot. There will also be rivers and streams to take a dip in.

Dog-Friendly Spring Activities

Take a Spring Break Together

The warmer weather makes getting outside more often much easier, providing an opportunity for new dog-friendly adventures. Although the weather won't be reliably warm for quite a few weeks yet, there's no harm in planning a dog-friendly holiday.

Whether you stay close to home or travel further afield, there are plenty of ways to travel with your dog to enjoy spring. If you're keen to plan a spring break with your companion, these are the best dog-friendly holidays in the UK with location-specific travel guides and dog-friendly activities.

Stay at a Dog-Friendly Hotel

Once the spring break plans have been made, it's time to prepare for travelling with a dog. If you've never gone on a pet-friendly holiday or stayed in dog-friendly accommodation before, you'll want to know all the tips and tricks to avoid surprise fees and noise complaints.

This is everything you need to know about staying in a dog-friendly hotel, from what to pack to picking a hotel. You want your dog to enjoy the stay as much as you do, so make sure to pack all the important dog travel essentials as well as their favourite toys and treats.

Dog-Friendly Spring Activities

Find New Walking Routes

Even on days where the daily grind is inescapable, it's still possible to enjoy a little springtime fun. A low effort way to experience the new season is to switch up your walking route. Whether it's a short detour in a different direction or a longer walk down unknown streets; your dog will appreciate exploring somewhere new.

All Trails is a fantastic website and app that will help you discover local routes you might not have otherwise taken. Explore by city, park, or trail and find new trails. Alternatively, make your own. Plot a circular route using local landmarks or locations, or simply let your dog decide!

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Dog-Friendly Spring Activities Dog-Friendly Spring Activities