Gilchrist & Soames Jet Set Travel Pack

November 07, 2014

Gilchrist & Soames Travel Set
{ Essentiel Elements Jet Set Travel Pack c/o Gilchrist & Soames }

In my efforts to pack light and travel smart, I decided to leave behind all my usual bathroom products (!) in their bulky containers and take along this jet set travel pack instead. I think we can all become a little stuck in our routines, reluctant to let go of what we know, taking completely pointless products with us because how can we ever survive without them?

It seems silly to fill up prime luggage space with toiletries, which can be bought everywhere. They're just another one of those unnecessary items we pack because, for some reason, when we go on holiday we think the world as we know it completely changes and we have to take everything with us.

This convenient little pack contains everything I will need for the entire week, it takes up hardly any room at all, and it comes in a useful waterproof zip bag to stop everything from exploding all over my luggage, which I'm praying it won't..

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  1. These are so cute, I love the packaging! Coming in a waterproof zip bag is definitely a bonus, I'll never forget when my conditioner exploded in my luggage on a flight a couple of years ago :(

    Tessa / Bramble & Thorn

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  3. I pack my regular skin and body care products because if I use different products, I spend my trip dealing with dry, itchy skin. Then, when I get home I have to get myself back together. Decanting into travel-size containers is a small price to pay to keep my skin happy.

  4. When I travel I usually either pour a bit of product in travel containers (Muji has amazing ones) or I just use those samples that we all have around but never end up using... haha. It's very rare that I pack a full size product for skincare or hair.

  5. Nina Zane11/08/2014

    They look super cute, I am with you on packing light - I hate taking too much, never end up using half of it :) x

  6. Ugh, NIGHTMARE. Luckily nothing exploded in our suitcases!

  7. I stick to my usual (facial) skin care routine because I think that's incredibly important but when it comes to body wash or shampoo and conditioner, I either take travel size products or buy them when I get there. It frees up a lot of space and means I don't risk ruining/losing them in transit.

  8. Good idea; I usually either do this, take travel sized items, or buy stuff when I get there. I keep to my usual skin care routine though as otherwise I risk breaking out.

  9. I hate over packing; my ideal is getting to the point of ONLY taking carry-on luggage!

  10. Haha, aw they're really cute!
    Lol I am exactly the same I feel like I have to take everything I can possibly think of because I might just need it but never really do and I end up bringing it home!


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