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Products On Trial #2 | Final Reviews: Erno Laslo
Products On Trial #2 | Final Reviews: Erno Laslo

Erno Laszlo Phelityl Pre-Cleansing Oil*

This non-comedogenic pre-cleansing oil claims to dissolve trapped oils, impurities, and make-up to promote cleaner, healthier-looking skin with the use of essential oils and anti-inflammatory botanical extracts from India. The conditioning lather this oil creates is said to maximise the cleansing process and improve the epidermal barrier. The Erno Laszlo pHelityl Pre-Cleansing Oil includes a blend of mineral and plant oils, which dissolve make-up and can be beneficial for dry to very dry skin.

When applied to the skin, the Erno Laszlo pHelityl Pre-Cleansing Oil feels much thicker compared to most cleansing oils and really works at lifting and removing make-up and dirt. Due to the oil being much more viscous, it's certainly a "pre-cleanse only" product, requiring a second cleanse to clean the skin thoroughly. I found it lived up to its claims by easily and quickly dissolving make-up, removing trapped dirt and impurities, and prepping the skin for a second cleanse.

A little goes a long way and despite using this oil every day for over a month, I have barely made an impact on this 200ml bottle. I have been using the Erno Laszlo pHelityl Pre-Cleansing Oil before a second cleanse with the Superfacialist Vitamin C+ Skin Renew Cleansing Oil, together they work beautifully and it's a combination I have really enjoyed using.

Erno Laszlo White Marble Radiance Emulsion*

This fast-absorbing serum claims to target dark spots, deliver antioxidants, repair environmental damage, and prevent dull or discoloured skin. It's said to "brighten, balance, renew, and protect," leaving you with a brighter and more radiant complexion.

The Erno Laszlo White Marble Radiance Emulsion is silky in texture, marbled in appearance, and soothing on application. The serum quickly absorbs into the skin leaving it feeling soft to the touch and immediately after use, it leaves the complexion looking visibly more radiant. The concentrated extracts and sodium hyaluronate is said to encourage cell turnover and illuminate the skin.

I am always skeptical when it comes to serums, I love using them but rarely see any benefit and find the claims for their use overexaggerated. I have enjoyed having White Marble as part of my skin care routine for several weeks although I'm not entirely sure it's made much of a difference to the condition of my skin. I have noticed my complexion feeling softer after use and I appreciate the delicate fragrance of this product, which other serums appear to lack. Despite not being an essential product to any skin care routine, the Erno Laszlo White Marble Radiance Emulsion is definitely a pleasant luxury to have.