Successfully Decluttering Your Space

5 Helpful Tips to Successfully Declutter Your Space
5 Helpful Tips to Successfully Declutter Your Space

We often have a tendency to collect all manner of things for all kinds of reasons, sometimes it's because of an emotional attachment or the idea that someday that thing will become useful; often we're unwilling to part with certain items because we spent "good money" on them so we feel we need to keep hold of them. But this excess of things in our environment can and often do have a negative impact on our ability to focus, process information, and relax. These unwanted things don't have to just be objects like unworn clothes, piles of books, and drawers full of long forgotten objects, clutter includes files on your computer, digital notifications, and emails.

It's important to get rid of everything you no longer need or want, things that take up space and look unsightly or no longer have any use, so that you can enjoy your space and feel more comfortable in your work or home environment. Tackling unwanted things isn't always easy; here are five tips that will help you successfully declutter your space.

1. Be Mentally Prepared

You cannot go into a decluttering spree without first becoming mentally prepared; doing a clutter cleanse needs the right frame of mind that is prepared to get things done and to a high standard. Block off several hours (or a day, if you’re feeling brave) and commit to decluttering. It takes time, energy, and strength of mind.

2. Deep Clean Everything

What’s the point in removing everything from the wardrobe, cupboard, or drawers if you don’t clean it all before putting it back? A proper declutter involves deep cleaning everything from the items themselves to the space they are going to live in. Roll up your sleeves, break out the elbow grease, and get stuck into all those nooks and crannies that haven’t been cleaned in months maybe even years.

3. Have a Motive

Do you want to clear out and reorganise your wardrobe? Or do you want to clear out and reorganise your entire apartment? Know your motive; set clear objectives and focus on completing them. If you want to overhaul your entire living space you’re going to need a lot of time and patience. But if you want to start a minimal wardrobe, for example, this can easily be achieved in a few hours. You’re also going to need to know what your motive is towards decluttering, do you want to want to get rid of anything you haven’t used in the last few months? Or just that junk in the “junk draw” you can’t believe you still have? Set a clear motive for why you’re getting rid of the things you’re giving up. As Marie Kondo says, “does it spark joy?"

4. Work Methodically

Focus on one area at a time; whether it’s the kitchen, bedroom, or living space, focus entirely on that one area until you’re completely finished. Flitting between cleaning out your bathroom cabinets to emptying your wardrobe will results in a confusion of clutter. Work methodically through your decluttering and you’ll find the whole process to be a lot easier and less soul destroying.

5. Be Ruthless (But Not Unkind)

Decluttering should be a liberating experience not something that breaks your heart because five months down the line you realise you threw out precious memories. Sometimes we have to let go out things that don’t make sense to keep but other times it’s worthwhile making a little space in our lives for those pointless yet meaningful objects. If you adore something, it brings memories flooding back, or you simply cannot bear to let go of something - keep it, don’t break your heart. Be ruthless with throwing out old clothes that don’t fit, shoes that hurt, and paperwork that is decades old, but keep those tickets stubs from vacations, love letters, wedding favours, or old photographs - those are irreplaceable.