Useless Items To Get Rid Of

15 Useless Items To Get Rid Of
15 Useless Items To Get Rid Of

We’re all hanging onto items that are cluttering up our homes; items we don’t need anymore and should have thrown away or donated months ago. Purging these useless things frees up so much glorious space we wonder why we didn’t do it sooner. Here is a list of some of those items you should recycle, donate, or toss right away and I promise, it won’t even take that long to deal with.

1. Countless Tote Bags

Sure, they’re useful, but does anyone really need a drawer full of them?

2. Old Magazines

If you read them that’s cool although I doubt you do. Recycle that stack of dusty back issues.

3. Unwanted Presents

It feels cruel, however, they would be better off in homes that appreciated them.

4. Nail Varnish Colours You Never Wear

As lovely as it is to have a multitude of colours to choose from, it’s rare those weird colours are ever going to feature on your fingertips.

5. Unused Appliances

If you haven’t used it in the months (years?) you’ve had it, are you ever going to?

6. Clothes That No Longer Fit

This might take a little longer to tackle; if you need help dealing with your wardrobe, here’s a guide.

7. Empty Boxes

Why do we keep these? Nobody knows. Recycle them.

8. Worn Out Linen or Bath Towels

They look and feel old and tatty, replace them and revel in the glory of new towels and fresh bedsheets.

9. Unloved Books

Whether you’ve read them or not, unloved books are heartbreaking. Pass on to friends who will enjoy them.

10. Shoes That Hurt Your Feet

You’re not going to wear them so donate, donate, donate.

11. Old Make-up and Expired Products

They are totally gross - bin them.

12. Empty Jars

As useful as they are, nobody ever needs a cupboard full of them. Keep what you need and recycle the rest.

13. Anything Broken (That You Can’t Be Bothered To Fix)

Either get them fixed, give them to someone who will, or throw them away.

14. Outdated Paperwork

Why do we all have a drawer full of totally useless and irrelevant paperwork? Shred and recycle it all.

15. Skincare or Beauty Products That Break You Out

The money is already wasted and there's no point in pretending they're going to be used. Replace with something kinder for your skin.