Things Your Home Doesn't Need

Things Your Home Doesn't Need

Visual clutter can really affect how our home looks and feels. There are some things that tend to make our space look more cluttered than it really is. Specific home decor items are touted as "must-haves!" when in reality these items aren't very practical or functional and we find we don't actually need them. These items might be pretty but they're just taking up space.

If your home has any of these items, this post is not a call to get rid of them immediately. If you love them, keep them! After all, your home should look however you want it to look. But if you've been clinging onto furniture you don't love, piling cushions on your bed, and living with a feature wall you hate but you've felt you've had to keep them because that's what everyone else does, here's your permission to get rid of them.

Lots Of Cushions

Whether it's a mountain of pillows on your bed or a pile of cushions on your sofa, does anyone really need that many? A couple of extra cushions makes for more comfy seating but we all know that heap of pillows gets flung onto the floor when it's time to clamber into the bed. I'm not opposed to extras cushions, it makes our uncomfortable sofa bearable to sit on; just pick two or three and get rid of the rest.

A Bedroom Chair

Nobody sits on this chair, it just ends up as a place to throw clothes. The chair in our bedroom was the bane of my life, it was such a relief when we got rid of it. If you find your bedroom chair becomes a dumping ground for everything and anything you don't want to have to deal with right now; move that chair out of the bedroom and into another room where it will actually get used.

Accent Furniture

It's expensive, it's trend-led, and it's going to fall out of style in the blink of an eye. It's better to add accents to a room with easily replaced soft furnishings rather than expensive furniture. I add colour with art and house plants, they're far more interesting and long-lasting than trendy furniture. Reconsider dropping a lot of money on something that's going to look out of place in a couple of years.

A Busy Coffee Table

Coffee tables styled with books, knickknacks, vases, and magazines can look pretty but it's difficult to keep it looking that way especially if you actually use your coffee table for its intended purpose. A used coffee table looks homely to me but a fussy, over-styled one just looks messy. More often than not a busy coffee table will make your living room look like you haven't tidied up.

Matching Dining Chairs

If you're tight on space, low on budget, or simply don't need that many seats; feel free to ditch the matching dining chairs. Buy only what you really need and make use of others chairs from around your house, if and when you need them. We use our office chairs as dining chairs when we have guests. They don't match but they look great.

Fresh Flowers

Flowers are expensive, they die, and you need to replace them every couple of weeks. One word: plants. You get way more for your money by decorating your home with house plants. I've turned our apartment into a green house but you don't have to go that extreme. A few potted plants carefully placed looks beautiful. If you love how delicate flowers look, try eucalyptus or pussy willow for more longer-lasting floral displays.

Hallway Furniture

Having a bench, coat rack, shoe cabinet, key hooks, and umbrella stand takes up a lot of space in your hallway and how much time do you actually spend there anyway? Most entryway furniture is unnecessary. My hallway has a shoe cabinet and that's it. Everything else has been given a home elsewhere, out of sight. Unless you really need that umbrella stand and foot stall, consider not buying them.

Feature Walls

With considered styling, feature walls are unnecessary. They are hugely dependent on trends and fall in and out of popularity at an alarming rate. Add colour with furniture, soft furnishings, personal items, and plants - not paint. I'm biased, of course; I'm a lover of white walls. It's far easier to switch up your interior style when all you have to do is change the things in it not repaint entire walls.

What are the home decor items you think are pointless?
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Things Your Home Doesn't Need