Autumn Decluttering

Autumn Decluttering

Anyone else love to do a little autumn decluttering?

I always find myself preparing my home for winter just like I do in spring. I move all my houseplants around to give them safer places to live in the colder months and, in doing so, I end up cleaning and decluttering my entire home; getting rid of any things I haven’t needed or used for the majority of the year.

There’s always something we’re hanging onto; that thing we’ve been debating keeping and ended up holding onto just in case we wear it or put it to use. Inevitably these things find themselves forgotten about in drawers or cupboards, in shelves out of sight waiting for us to reach for them - but we never do.

Even when you’re paying close attention to what you bring into your life and the purchases you make, it’s natural to outgrow certain possessions and for our belongings to eventually come to the end of their life with us. It’s good to check-in every few months to make sure we’re only giving space to the things we love and use.

A couple of weeks ago I found a few of these items; a handful of things that no longer serve me. A couple of dresses, a jacket, a few accessories. I packaged them up, sold them on eBay, and ended up with almost £200 back in my pocket. Not bad for a quick declutter of my wardrobe.

Things begin to get busy around this time of year as we start to think about the festive period; hosting guests, giving gifts, and stocking the cupboards with cold-weather food. A little extra money from the things we sell, and the space it creates in our home, goes a long way at this time of year.

An autumn declutter can be just as important as a spring clean, here’s why.

Take Inventory As The Seasons Change

The changing weather influences what we wear and the things we’ll use. Autumn is the time when we pack up our sandals and summer dresses, and exchange them for winter coats and boots. Heavier curtains are hung, blankets are pulled out of storage, and we spend more time in the kitchen cooking up hearty meals. As the seasons change, it’s a good time to take inventory of what we have and what we can let go of to make more space in our lives.

Recoup Money For Gift-Giving

Selling clothing we no longer wear and homewares we no longer use it a useful way of recouping some of the money we’ve spent on them. Gift-giving is often on our minds over the festive period, and whether you’re counting the pennies or not, selling items you no longer want is a great way of funding gift purchases. Spend a little time putting money back in your pocket by selling the things you don’t use.

Create A Mindful Environment

Much like a spring clean, an autumn declutter allows us to create a mindful environment by creating a peaceful space we enjoy being in. Cleaning, dusting, wiping down surfaces, and decluttering our space sets us up for a comfortable winter, during which we will inevitably spend more time indoors. When the windows can’t be opened as often as we'd like, diffusing essential oils will keep a home feeling fresh and relaxing.

Autumn Decluttering

A Quick Declutter

Clear All Surfaces

Anything that is on a table, counter, or desk that shouldn’t be there, should be put back in its place. I aim to do this at the end of every day, which helps keep tidying to a minimum. If the coffee table is littered with books, return them to the shelves; put notebooks back in desk drawers; spices back in the cupboards. Keeping surfaces clear is a quick way to declutter that makes every room feel a lot tidier.

Have A Catch-All Basket

Depending on how large your home is, you might need one in every room. I find one, that I carry with me from room to room, is sufficient. Anything that isn’t where it should be gets put in the basket. If it belongs to you, it’s your responsibility to put it back where it belongs. Everything else should be dealt with by whoever owns it. This super fast way of corralling misplaced items gets the clutter out of sight without eating into too much of your time.

Take Something With You

If you find yourself with a few tasks to do, one of the easiest and quickest ways to tidy up your home is to take something with you every time you leave a room. I’ve made this into a habit and, at the end of each day, I find I spend far less time putting things away. If you’re heading to the kitchen, take the scissors that have been left in the office. If you’re going to the bedroom, return the dressing gown you left in the bathroom. As you move from room to room carrying out the bigger chores, return lone items to their rightful place one by one. You’ll find your home looks and stays tidy for longer.

Do you declutter in autumn?
Or do you prefer to spring cleaning?

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Autumn Decluttering