An Autumn Travel Capsule Wardrobe

An Autumn Travel Capsule Wardrobe

In keeping with my slow travel plans, I've avoided flying and stuck to travelling in the UK, as I have done for the last few years. My Summer involved lots of dog-friendly things to do. We visited family in Kent, explored Brighton with friends, and went on holiday to Dorset. Together we travelled to see coastlines and cliffs, botanical gardens, model villages, grand castles and historical parks.

Although Autumn is a notoriously rainy season, the wet weather isn't going to put a stop to my outdoor activities. All that's needed is a solid Autumn capsule wardrobe to keep warm and dry.

An Autumn Travel Capsule Wardrobe

Autumn weather in the UK is unpredictable. It can be mild and dry one minute, and wet and windy the next. Temperatures range between 10-20°C, with the odd day that takes you by surprise.

With that in mind, I put together a travel capsule wardrobe, ideal for a short weekend away. It can be filled out with extra tops and knitwear for a longer holiday. But the formula remains the same: warm and practical clothing that's comfortable and easy to wear—no matter the weather, or activity.

An Autumn Travel Capsule Wardrobe

As with any travel packing list, the most important part of putting together a capsule wardrobe is knowing what your trip involves. Are you going to be mostly indoors or outside? Will you eat at home or dine out? Is it about relaxing or doing as much as possible?

All my trips involved a little bit of everything. I like to make sure I'm comfortable whether I'm walking in the rain, dining indoors at a restaurant, or relaxing at home. So my travel capsule wardrobe has to reflect that. It can easily be adapted, depending on the trip, to incorporate more activity or weather appropriate options.

An Autumn Travel Capsule Wardrobe

A Travel Capsule Wardrobe For Autumn


If you want to travel light, I've found a pair of smart yet comfortable trousers, and leggings with tops that go with both works well for a minimal travel capsule. Rain boots are a sensible choice for Autumn, along with a formal pair of shoes. This combination will cover everything for most Autumn activities. As well as providing a smart alternative, if required.

Base layers are essential. Not only for staying warm but for prolonging the life of a minimal travel capsule. Short sleeve tees or tanks work best and won't add unnecessary bulk to an outfit. They can be hand-washed and dried quickly too.

If I choose the rest of my travel wardrobe carefully, I've found I can get away with a single coat. So long as it ticks a few requirements. It must be waterproof with plenty of pocket space and a hood. I thrifted a vintage 'packaway' jacket, similar in appearance to this one. It's practical and lightweight so ideal for outdoor activities; and although very relaxed in style, it doesn't look awkward if worn to dinner.

An Autumn Travel Capsule Wardrobe

A new addition to my travel packing list and capsule wardrobe is jewellery storage. Before now I'd have to carefully choose my holiday jewellery, leaving most of my favourites behind. These jewellery packing tips are useful to know when travelling, and help prevent jewellery from getting lost or damaged.

Jewellery is something that can completely change an outfit for me. It dresses up casual outfits, making them feel more enjoyable to wear. Now I have a travel jewellery storage box I can pack a selection of Autumn jewellery with me; making my travel capsule wardrobe much more enjoyable to style.

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An Autumn Travel Capsule Wardrobe An Autumn Travel Capsule Wardrobe